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Exciting news!: My artwork was selected as one of the items for the "Royal Gift Guide 2019" on Instagram! Eeeeeeeeeee!! I am so excited! (picture below).

For Meghan Markle fans out there, I have also included some Meghan Markle art prints in my Etsy shop.
On a side note, I am proud to share that I have illustrated two books! One book was published last year in 2018, and another one earlier this year in 2019. The book above, "Where There is Love, We are One..." can be ordered here
And "Angels Amongst Us" can be ordered here
August 19, 2019 - "Coming Down, Looking Up" tells the story of a baby who spends most of his time in a carseat looking up (as many babies do). The author imagines that babies look up into the sky, and remember the heavenly home they came from before they were born on earth. I illustrated the interior content as well as the cover art. The book can be ordered here.
December 2019 - "I Am With You All Ways" tells the story of how God is with us at all times, if we allow Him to be present in our lives. We can look for signs of His gentle presence, whether it be through nature or a song that pops in our heads. The book can be ordered here.


May 2020 - This is another book I illustrated, and it is in the process of being published. Details will be shared as soon as the respective author and I have the info
I have limited slots available for commissions. Please contact me (email address on "Contact" page) to set up a customized illustration/painting for you!