Below are some samples of my corporate and motion/graphic design work. (All content is used with permission).
 Branding and Logo Design for Old 55 Distillery.


My team at Avant Healthcare and I created this graphic/motion design piece for JDRF. This piece won the 2018 Pharma Philantrophic Choice Silver Award. You can read about it in the news here.
An animated promotional spot for the national newspaper organization. To view it, please click here.




The Annual Report cover design that I did for Conner Prairie, a Historical Interactive Museum in Fishers, Indiana.



This was a graphic piece I did for the brochure of the Indiana Conference for Women. The client wanted to showcase diversity and incorporate the (majorly) yellow/blue theme colors into the artwork.


The typography poster on the left was done for KCRW, a radio station. The equine signage on the right was designed for a horse back riding center.



A trifold brochure I did for Splice, a newsletter that showcases radio hosts for a local station in Los Angeles, CA.


Brazilian model Cibele Dorsa hired me to design the cover for her book, titled "5:00 da Manhã" (which means "5:00 in the Morning" in her native Portuguese). Based in São Paulo, she led a tumultuous life when her ex left her for the wealthy heiress Athina Onassis, and when a car accident left her face disfigured. She asked me to do some Photoshop work to make her cover photo more appropriate for print, as well as designing the whole jacketbook cover. Shortly after this book was published, Ms. Dorsa's troubled fiance took his own life and she sadly followed suit a month afterwards. I received this book in the mail after her death. Rest in peace, Cibele.

A signage I created for The Bluffs, a historical building located in Conner Prairie. The Chinese House was owned and designed by Eli Lilly, an American pharmacist and businessman who had an affinity for Chinese items. The logo reflects the circular opening of the Moon Gate, a traditional architectural element in Chinese gardens.
A logo I designed/created for a catering business based in Los Angeles, CA.