Below is a sample of some of my personal and client work. For freelance inquires, please contact me.





I am excited to share that I got to design "Halloween Mickey and Friends" this year! I was responsible for coming up with poses/costumes/props for the characters. I thought Pluto was the toughest one, since he does not have "hands" to hold a prop. I had to make him either carry a prop in his mouth or react to something. Above is my rough sketches, and below are photos of the finished products! I was told that these items were sold out within 5 minutes once they hit the market!!





This was for Singapore Airlines (SIA) to promote their iconic "Singapore Girl" image. As a little girl, the stewardesses on SIA were my role models. They were and still are beautiful, elegant, demure, and incredibly sexy. It's an honor to circle back as an adult and draw this for their promotional ad.


For the longest time, I've always been fascinated by chess prodigies. Their ability to predict your next move, their quick thinking in strategy, and their composure to remain calm is no easy feat for mere mortals! This painting is my homage to those amazing chess champions. The name of this artpiece is "Check Mate."


My re-interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. I toyed with the idea of making the Blue Caterpillar into a sultry vixen.

This artwork depicts a beachy scene in Saint-Tropez. My husband was a frequent visitor to Saint-Tropez in his younger years - his tales of the glitzy French Riviera inspired me to create this artwork. 14 x 22 inches, gouache/papercut.


I had the pleasure in drawing this for a client's dad. Knowing her father was a fan of my work (which is such an honor), she wanted to surprise him by having me create a Father's Day gift for him. After spending time studying photos of the family, to get a feel of their individual personalities, I suggested doing the Jolly Old Grandpa theme, with him laughing while his grandkids climbed all over him. It worked out great! I was told that he choked up in tears when he opened the gift and realized it was from me (I saw the video the client sent me) . Nothing makes me happier than hearing stories like that!



I was born and raised on the island of Java, Indonesia. This art is to pay homage to the beautiful neighboring island of Bali, also synonymous as "Island of the Gods."

This artwork was for the Dubai Polo Club. The client and I brainstormed on how to bring the illustration to life. Not only they wanted to attract more women to the sport of polo, but they also wanted to show the world that Saudi women can be modern, brave, and very beautiful. I humbly hope that I have accomplished this goal.



Yes, I create artwork for our "tiniest" clients, too! This artwork was for a client whose baby boy had not yet been born at the time of this art creation. This was a guessing game for me - I had no idea what he would look like. I took a cue by looking at his older sibling (a girl) and... winged it. (Update: the baby boy was born with curly red hair and pale skin -- so I think I nailed it this time. Whew!)




This artwork was created for another client who had a second baby boy named August. She wanted a personalized clock for the nursery, and since they're a polo family, this was a fitting illustration.

The women spectators at polo matches tend to try to outdo one another with their showy hats! What a fun idea to create this papercut artwork! The drawing on the left is my original sketch, and the artwork on the right is the finished product. (11 inches by 17 inches).




One of my favorite stories to tell is about the beautiful maid that worked for our family in Jakarta. I would go with her to the marketplace, and I would notice all the male vendors staring at her with joy. She would elegantly walk by, coyly rebuffing all the cat calls and whistles. She would get better deals on produce/merchandise, get better treatment, etc. This was a big learning lesson for me: Beauty does open doors.


A commissioned artwork depicting a woman and the "chakras." The stump beneath her is called "spiritual grounding." Some people visualize it as tree roots growing out of the tailbone... This was my artistic interpretation of it.


Two papercut/gouache artwork showing the Virgin of Guadalupe (left) and Dia de Los Muertos (right), both iconic and important figures/events for our Latin American cousins. Both are 9 inches x 20 inches.


This was drawn for a wonderful gentleman who owns a very successful hat-making business in the heart of Wyoming. He makes the best buckaroo hats in the nation. (Note: Buckaroo hats are different from cowboy hats).




This drawing is from my personal collection. I saw a beautiful mother playing with her infant daughter in Beverly Hills. The setting indicated to me it was the baby's birthday party and I was marveling at the elegant decor: No commercialized cr*p (I am looking at you, SpongeBob Squarepants), all classic and timeless colors, and even a cute little pony piƱata that looked oh-so-adorable. I just had to capture the beauty of what I saw.

Hats off to you, beautiful mother.


A client asked me if I could paint something for the new baby, in their brand new house. I thought of this fun idea of a merry-go-around, with international children and their (national) pets.

This painting was a huge success. The client loved it. The painting was 45 inches by 30 inches.


A commission I did for the California Polo Club, based in Los Angeles. Traditionally a male dominated sport, women now make up for a fast-growing demographics. My artwork was created to show the changing face of polo.



Another papercut and gouache artwork.

This is titled "Swan Lake." Traditionally, the same ballerina would dance the roles of both the white swan and the black swan. It is one of the most demanding roles in ballet. This artwork/juxtoposition places the two different characters together.



This drawing was for my own personal collection. I saw my little daughter dancing in the sunbeam, twirling and waltzing, chasing fairy dust. I wanted to capture that fleeting, innocent moment in posterity by drawing it.




Since I moved to Indiana, I have been offering the "Sweet Little Biographies" series to parents locally and nation-wide. It has been one of my best sellers and a big hit. Parents love to document their children growing up via drawings. I also capture their "favorites!" Favorite toys, food, drinks, books, etc. This applies to all ages from newborn to over 100!


I am the happiest when I get to draw and create a different world for my clients. Thank YOU for all your referrals, and allowing me to be part in creating a beautiful world for you. I have always loved this quote by Anais Nin, and it applies to friends and strangers that I have yet to meet:

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

Would you like me to create a custom artwork for you? Please contact me for information!