Listed below are the film projects I have worked on.


In Fantastic Four, I helped create the Invisible Woman effect for Sue Storm, played by Jessica Alba.  During an invisibility transition, I created a faux refraction effect that distorted the background behind her skin. 3D elements were created to show the inside of anything Jessica was wearing.  In the example above, I replaced the insides of her sleeves, watch, and blue bracelet.  This was accomplished by using a combination of 2D photo-mapped elements and 3D rendered elements from Softimage XSI.
In this case, you would expect to see the backside of Sue Storm's bra.  The straps were CG geometry rendered in Mental Ray.  Global Illumination lighting helped me sell the realism, but the final texture of the lace was taken from a single frame that was re-projected back onto match-moved geometry.

For several shots, Sue Storm is seen kissing Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Griffud).  These were some of the most challenging invisible woman shots because of the direct contact between the two actors.  Anytime Jessica's face or hands passed in front of Ioan's body, he had to be refracted.

In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt was shot on bluescreen for some of the action sequences. A moving background plate was integrated into the comp, and I looked out for opportunities to make the shot more convincing. In this shot example above, I thought it'd be a nice idea to add a sun/flare at the edge of the van. Brad was also mildly sunburned during the shoot... so a color correction treatment was added to give the star a nice, glowing tan.


In Underworld Evolutions, I lit the vampire Marcus' CG wings using Mental Ray in Maya and comped the separate passes in Shake.


Monster House